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Watch US Masters Online Live

Friday, March 4th, 2011

The US Masters is definitely the most exclusive golf tournament in the entire world today. It occurs every calendar year at Augusta in Georgia, where participants fight against each other in this invitation-only tournament. Victory in the US Masters translates into a very significant payday for the winner, as well as the right to wear the “green jacket” only worn by Augusta National Official Members. The winner is also granted membership of the club and is invited automatically to the PGA Championship, the US Open and the British Open for 5 years! Angel Cabrera won the 2009 US Masters for 1.35 million dollars and Phil Mickelson became the new champion in 2010.

Winning the US Masters is clearly the very best degree of achievement a professional player can realize in his career. A few famous golfers have been able to make history by winning the US Masters several times, like Tiger Woods for example. The record for most wins still belongs to Jack Nicklaus who has won the coveted title no less than 6 times between 1963 and 1986.

The US Masters is also the most viewed golfing event all around the globe, with millions of viewers every year. Internet finding more and more users every year, the championship can now be watched online! Wherever you are in the world, all you need is an internet connection to start watching the major sporting events taking place all year long. News channels or even movies, the list of programs you can get access to through this amazing software goes on and on. The future of television is here!

Knowing how to watch hundreds of live golf programs in high definition quality on a computer is what golf enthusiasts have been dreaming about for years. It’s no more a dream, it is reality. You can watch the US Masters online live today!